Paris Attacks a Reminder to Be Prepared

Unless you are a hermit you probably have heard more than you want to about the terrorist attacks in Paris, France. I am not going to rehash all that, except to say that it once again highlights the importance of being prepared. And by that, I mean several things.

First, at least in most of the USA, we have the legal right to be prepared to defend ourselves and other innocent people. Yes, I’m talking about concealed carry. Guns. Firearms. The 2nd Amendment. Is carrying a firearm a guarantee of survival in a situation like the Paris attacks? Of course not. But I can’t help but believe that if a lot, or even some, of the victims of those murderous thugs had been armed a lot of innocent lives may have been saved.

Once again, by the way, some are willing to use this tragedy to call for more restrictions on our ability to have the means to defend ourselves; in spite of the fact that it defies all logic and statistical data. I guess some folks will stoop to just about anything to advance their agenda.

Second, this should be a reminder of the importance of being prepared mentally to deal with unthinkable situations. In any catastrophe, whether criminal or natural, it is critically important to keep a clear head. Not only will that increase your chances of survival, it will also help you effectively deal with the aftermath if you do survive. You will be able to help others and avoid making a bad situation worse.

Finally, at least for me, it underlines the need to always have at least a basic survival kit. This can be as simple as the items you EDC on your person or as complete as a get home bag you keep with you. Again, if your other ways of being prepared have kept you alive, some basic survival gear could be a big help in staying that way.

I could say a whole lot more about this situation but I’ll stop here and keep it on topic relating to survival. (Except for the brief 2nd Amendment rant above).

So…..I know it’s been waaaay too long since I posted anything. I have just been really busy with a lot of different things, which has caused me to rethink a bunch of stuff in my life. Basically, I need to simplify as much as possible. One of those things is how I approach this newsletter/blog post.

I’ve decided to change up the format a little and go for short and sweet. So I won’t be including links to every video, probably just a link to the channel so you can go and watch what you want. That just adds a pretty good bit of extra time to the process and seems kind of pointless anyway. Please let me know if this was something that really helps you.

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I am hoping the “short and sweet” philosophy will also allow me to be more active on the blog. My goal is to post stuff that maybe did not make sense for a video, like my thoughts on different things, more personal stuff and other assorted ramblings. I know you probably subscribed to this newsletter during a giveaway but you are still here so maybe this sort of content will interest you.

And, who knows, maybe we’ll have a giveaway or two just for folks like you who are sort of in the “inner circle”.

So, anyway, here’s a quick look at what’s coming up on Survival On Purpose.

Christmas is just around the corner, so we’ll be posting a few videos with some great outdoor gift idea at different price points. I hope to get them up by Thanksgiving weekend.

Also, we have a guest video coming from Joe over at Feral Woodcraft. Joe is a friction fire pro and he’s going to try to help me get my first bowdrill fire. And I have several gear reviews of stuff besides knives.

And, finally, I have at least one or two new survival skill series in the works. And probably a little rambling from time to time.

Anyway, I’m blowing my short and sweet already so I’ll wrap this up. Be sure to check out the latest videos at:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! And if you are not in the US and don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, remember, we all have much to be thankful for.

Be Prepared,