Concealed Carry – Now More Than Ever

i_votedWell, we just had our Presidential election here in the US and you would think the Martians had invaded. The “mainstream media” (I know using that term pretty much indicates your general political leanings) is doing their absolute best to try to salvage some semblance of relevance by continuing to create as much drama as possible.

Unfortunately for them, this means they are reduced to covering the social angst and emotional turmoil among those whose candidate do not win and whining because the President elect dared to go to dinner without inviting the press along. I mean I actually watched video of highly paid “journalists” from major networks attempting to make the case that there was something horribly wrong with not notifying “the news media” about his every move.

Never mind that just a couple of weeks ago these same “defenders of truth, justice and the American way” were doing their utmost to make sure that the then candidate was portrayed as the most wretched person since Hitler and gleefully predicting there was no way he would ever win the White House.

But, you say, what does all this have to do with concealed carry? Well, since you asked….

The same “mainstream media” that did their best to convince all of us that the Presidential candidate Donald Trump was a racist, homophobic, bigoted slug, who would like nothing better than to rape our wives and sisters; is now giving a lot of air and ink to the mobs of criminals who are rioting in many of our cities in protest of the results of the election.

Never mind that there have been credible reports that many of these riots (I refuse to call them protests) are being perpetrated by “protesters” who have been bused in for elsewhere to instigate mayhem and destruction. And never mind that foreign billionaire George Soros has been implicated as providing funding for many of these events just as he is on record as admitting he did in the Ukraine and other rebellions. (He is also in record as admitting to helping confiscate the property of Jews when he was a child in Nazi Germany).

All of this “societal upheaval” is creating a social climate where people are being physically attacked because of their political views and/or the color of their skin. Which means that, now more than ever, the ability to defend yourself is critical. People have assaulted just because someone assumed they voted a certain way in the election or supported a candidate the attackers did not like. I think in many cases it is just an excuse for thugs to be thugs but, whatever the reason, it is wise to be armed.

So, by all means, be legal, be safe, get training and practice regularly; but if you can do so I recommend you carry a firearm at all times. Hopefully, you will never need it and it will just be a slight annoyance and discomfort. But it is better to be a little uncomfortable than vulnerable. Anyway, that;s the way I see it.

Sorry for the rambling rant but I am really just completely tired of all the stupidity.

Be Prepared,